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Bay Area Measles Outbreak

Measles Outbreak

April 5, 2018

The San Francisco Department of Public Health has alerted us to an outbreak of Measles in several counties of the Bay Area, occurring only in unimmunized individuals, so far.  However, as we saw during the Disneyland outbreak, this disease is highly contagious and can sometimes infect even in fully immunized individuals.


Typical symptoms of Measles include: Fever over 101 F; rash consisting of slightly raised, irregular spots, often beginning on the face, conjunctivitis, cough and sore throat.


At this time the Public Health Department is not recommending that any special steps be taken, other than reporting and isolating people with the disease.


Please call us if you suspect that your child has Measles, or may have been exposed to someone who has Measles in the last month.


Measles Immunization (MMR) is given in two doses, with the first one at 12 months and the second one between one month and four years later.  Please confirm that your child has received immunization in accord with this standard. If you do not have the records, view the immunization history on the PORTAL. If you still are not sure, contact us, so that we can check for you.


If you find that your child is not up to date on the Measles immunization, please call to schedule the needed dose(s) as soon as possible.